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Services for Students with Disabilities

All services, programs, and activities at UA Rich Mountain are accessible to students with disabilities. The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, located in the Maddox Building, has information on accommodations and is the ADA/Section 504 compliance officer for the college. For students seeking accommodations within academic programs, the following intake process is to be followed:

Intake Process for Students with Disabilities

  1. The student self identifies to a member of faculty or staff. Student is referred to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.
  2. The student initiates the intake process with the Vice Chancellor. This should be done prior to the start of each semester of attendance. Accommodations requested and approved after the start of the semester will not be retroactive to the beginning of the term.
  3. The student completes intake form.
  4. The student provides supporting documentation of disability and recommended accommodations. Supporting documentation must include the diagnosis of the disability and accommodations by a qualified diagnostic professional.
  5. The Vice Chancellor will review the request and the supporting documentation to determine if the disability falls with the protected conditions. If so, the requested accommodations will be reviewed to see if they are reasonable.
  6. The Vice Chancellor determines if accommodations are necessary; the student will be notified by letter as to the approved classroom accommodations.
  7. The Vice Chancellor will provide additional correspondence to the student informing them of the accommodations.
  8. The Student, Vice Chancellor, and Faculty member will work as a team to provide reasonable accommodations.
  9. If the Vice Chancellor determines that accommodations are not necessary, the student will be informed of the decision and the reasons for the decision. The student is encouraged to meet with the Vice Chancellor to clarify any issues.